2018 Original 16" x 20" Oil on canvas

Walking in the English countryside, I came upon this charming house built of stone, brick, and thatch...guarded by a cat on its walls. 

Limited Edition fine art prints also available.

House of Stone & Thatch


    Canvas and oil paints are remarkably durable. This painting is created with oil paints on a surface primed in acrylic gesso, a surface that has proven stable and protective over many decades since its invention. Original oil paintings can last hundreds of years if you protect them from 3 things:

    1. Moisture - Don't hang this where the canvas can become damp and grow mold; it will cause the fabric to decay and crumble. 

    2. Light - Ambient daylight is fine, but it is wise to avoid constant sunlight striking the painting, because all pigments on any surface will fade under such duress.

    3. Pressure on surface - Pressing against the painting, or leaning objects against it, can stress paint and/or varnish so that the surface cracks or chips, either now or in the future. You'll see this effect in antique paintings. I take great care to protect the surface in storage and transport, so the rest is up to you.  Pressure can also cause the canvas to bulge where it was pressed. 



    The USPS Shipping Calculator is based on your location and shipping your original oil painting unframed. This saves you the higher cost of shipping the additional size and weight of a frame when you could pay less to purchase a standard frame locally. The artist will verify actual shipping cost with you.

    Free delivery by the artist or their agent is available within 60-mile radius of St. Augustine, FL.


    I have never had a piece of artwork returned to me for a refund. If you find that the artwork is not what you expected, please contact me to discuss whether it needs modification, exchange or return. I will do my best to work with you. Return shipping must be packaged professionally (eg UPS Pack n Ship service) and shipped at buyer's expense.


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